Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tall Ships Races back at Saint-Malo this summer

The Tall Ships Races are back at Saint-Malo this summer from the 5th to the 8th of July, I can hardly think of a better place to be during the period, if you have an interest on the subject of course, if not maybe the oysters will tempt you and yet maybe not. Saint-Malo is the most visited place in Brittany, in the middle ages it was a fortified island controlling the sea and estuary, the city became later notorious for being the home of French privateers and pirates, Robert Sourcouf, possibly the most famous one, today the city is mostly visited by tourists seeking beauty, one the greatest restaurant concentrations in Europe and of course seafood, places of interest are amongst others, the walled city, the tomb of Chateaubriand, St Vicent's Cathedral and the great Aquarium, Saint-Malo is for me one of the most enchanting places I have ever visited. Top photo from the Sail Training Association. For all the information on the races, please visit

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