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Portuguese Tall Ship "SAGRES" is 75 years old in 2012

The beautiful "SAGRES" is 75 next year and she will be present in Lisbon for the Tall Ships races, the ship was built in 1937 and has been a Portuguese ship since 1962, photos of the vessel in 1998 during one of the Tall Ships events

Monday, December 12, 2011

Getting ready for the tall ship races in 2012

Lisbon is one of the cities welcoming the TALL SHIPS RACES in 2012, please visit official website for all information on this spectacular event

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Tall ship "SANTA EULALIA" at Barcelona

Seen here on the 30th of September is the 1919 built tall ship "SANTA EULALIA", she is preserved by the Maritime Museum at Barcelona.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

BESSIE-ELLEN visited Liverpool during the Riverside Festival

the wooden coasting Ketch, BESSIE-ELLEN was built in Plymouth in 1904, she has a length of 36.5 meters and a crew of 4, she visited Liverpool last week end during the Riverside Festival and was opened to the public, some photos here included taken on the 11th September 2011, please click link on post below for the official web page of this extraordinary ship

Bessie Ellen - Traditional Sailing

Bessie Ellen - Traditional Sailing:

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tall ship "MERCEDES" in Liverpool

The wonderful tall ship "MERCEDES" is a very young vessel, she was built in 2005 as a square-rigged brig, her home port is Amsterdam, the ship is at the moment visiting Liverpool, she was opened to the public last week end and I went on board, I was delighted with the vessel she doesn´t have that charm of older tall ships with those brilliant teak decks, she looks more like a cruise ship, her main deck offers space for comfortable sailing and can be covered to provide shade in the summer or shelter during unpleasant weather, a stunning wide entrance leads to a beautiful bar, restaurant and saloon, you could actually eat and drink on board the vessel during her opening hours to the general public. "MERCEDES" attends the majority of maritime events taking place mainly in European waters and is also available for charter. This stunning tall ship is part of the WIND IS OUR FRIEND, for all details of the organization please click link on post below. Photos included were taken on board the vessel, 11th September 2011

Mercedes | Wind Is Our Friend

Mercedes | Wind Is Our Friend:

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Beautiful brig "PHOENIX" at Liverpool

the "PHOENIX" was built in Denmark in 1929, she was built as an evangelical mission schooner, the ship was acquired in 1988, she was converted to a brig in 1996, she is normally based at Charlestown Historic Harbour in Cornwall, she has been used in a few TV series like Frenchman´s Creek, Moll Flanders and Hornblower, she was opened to the public during the Riverside Festival in Liverpool and I have been on board, she looks amazing, very well looked after, the last time I saw her was in Falmouth during the tall ships races in 1998, photos included, 11th September 2011

Sunday, September 11, 2011

tall ship "ZEBU" at the Riverside Festival, Liverpool

the tall ship ZEBU was one of the main attractions open to the public this week end during the Riverside Festival in Liverpool, she ship has been a local resident since 1988, please to find out about the ship´s history check other posts on this blog, photos included taken today during the Liverpool event

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Seen here in Lisbon on the 24th of July is the tall ship "DANMARK", the ship was built in 1933 and has a GRT of 790 tons

Thursday, June 30, 2011


the T S STAVROS S NIARCHOS was built in 2000, she is operated by the tall ships youth trust and was designed to provide young people opportunity to undertake character-building exercises, she has a sister ship, the PRINCE WILLIAM, photos here, the ship brand new at Southampton in 2000, tall ships races in Lisbon 2006, tall ships races in Liverpool 2008 and the last two, when she was opened to the public, during the spring at the waterfront, event that took place in Liverpool in May this year