Tuesday, September 13, 2011

tall ship "MERCEDES" in Liverpool

The wonderful tall ship "MERCEDES" is a very young vessel, she was built in 2005 as a square-rigged brig, her home port is Amsterdam, the ship is at the moment visiting Liverpool, she was opened to the public last week end and I went on board, I was delighted with the vessel she doesn´t have that charm of older tall ships with those brilliant teak decks, she looks more like a cruise ship, her main deck offers space for comfortable sailing and can be covered to provide shade in the summer or shelter during unpleasant weather, a stunning wide entrance leads to a beautiful bar, restaurant and saloon, you could actually eat and drink on board the vessel during her opening hours to the general public. "MERCEDES" attends the majority of maritime events taking place mainly in European waters and is also available for charter. This stunning tall ship is part of the WIND IS OUR FRIEND, for all details of the organization please click link on post below. Photos included were taken on board the vessel, 11th September 2011


  1. Hello VMF

    I came upon your blog while looking for information on Tall Ship 'Mercedes'.

    Classical singer Russell Watson is to use her as a floating stage to perform a charitable 'concert' to promote the HomeGround Anthem on Saturday afternoon, 14th June, while she is in Hartley Quay, Liverpool.

    I hope it's alright that I have used your picture of 'Mercedes' on our own blog at
    The picture links back to your blog and is captioned to reflect that.
    If there's any problem with that would you let me know at

    Our blog is a non-commercial 'fansite' as you'll see if you'd care to visit.


  2. thanks for your comment, this is fine, best regards